Annual Function (10/11/2018)

Annual Function “Rhythm”

“Rhythm of life is powerful beat. It puts tingle in our fingers and in our feet. It keeps the music of our being flowing in rhythmic beats. Rhythm has something very pure, sublime and harmonic in its form. Rhythm is actually soul of life.”

DPS Indonesia organized its Annual Function “Rhythm” on 10 November 2018.The function was presided over by His Excellency, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rawat , Ambassador of India to the Republic of Indonesia as the Chief Guest and Mr. Ravi Shanker, President Director Asia Pacific Fibres, Mr. Dharamdas, Vice President, Asia Pacific Fibres, Mr. Vipin Kumar and Mr. Sathasivam, Members Management Board DPS Indonesia, Mr. Bharat Kumar, President Director, Indo Bharat Ryon and Mrs. Vijayashree Samuel, Principal, Rama Global School as Guests of honour.

The program got started with Lightning of lamp which is symbol of hailing and offering our prayers to divine grace. It was followed by welcome dance by the tiny toddlers of classes I-III that indeed had unconfined the joy of audience with their pulsating steps and moves. In Indonesian dance students of classes IV and V swayed everyone with their rhythmic steps of Enggang bird of Dayak Kenyah Tribe.

Standup comedy on “Usage of Facebook” by Class XII Students Saptarshi and Gaurav doubled up everyone. Boys of classes VI and VII presented Orchestra on the numbers  “ Come September” and Neelai Neelai Amber…..” which amused everyone to their heart’s content. Girls of classes VI-VIII presented Ribbon Dance  with their sharp rhythmic, subtle feet steps and head moves.

In School Report Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar presented brief account of school achievements and new add ups in the school.  English Play, “Canterville Ghost” staged by students of classes XI and XII rolled up everyone in their stomach muscles. Girls of classes IX-XII with their impeccable dance moves both as a boy and a girl let audience experience the flow of rhythmic beats. It was followed by heart and mind captivating MJ 9 dance by the boys of classes VIII-X which made everyone tap their feet. Boys of class XII presented Sack Dance which was appreciated for  silly, yet intelligent  dance moves. Mr. Ravi Shanker, President Director Asia Pacific Fibres in his speech appreciated growth of the school. He gave his best wishes to class XII students for their upcoming board exams in 2019.

Students got felicitated in Prize Distribution Ceremony for their academic and outhouse competitions’ achievements by His Excellency, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rawat. In his speech he asserted that schools are the bridge to connect past to future. He quoted Winston Churchill “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  He added that DPS Indonesia is constantly evolving and strengthening its foundation by producing versatile students.

Vote of thanks was presented by Mrs. Kalpana Tripathi, headmistress of the school.