Annual Dance Competition (24/01/2019

Dance Competition

Annual Dance Competition was held on 24 January 2019 for classes I-VIII. Students presented different forms of dances like folk western, contemporary and classical. Performers were judged on the basis of choreography, facial expressions, grace, costume and make-up. All the winners got felicitated with certificates by Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar Principal DPS Indonesia in special assembly.


Group Class Appreciation
GROUP – A (Classes I to III) Class I Varada Harish
Class II Karthik. S Lalit Praveen Yelchuru
Class III Aryan Anupam Gohel Katkoju Shreyas
1st Position 2nd Position
GROUP – B (Classes IV & V) Boys Kanishak Datt (V) R. S. Mirthul (IV)
Suryadeepto Mitra (V)
Girls Gadde Bhavya (IV) Saanvi Udaishanker Misra (V)
GROUP – C (Classes VI – VIII) Boys Amartya Panigrahi (VIII) Aditya Bohre (VI)
Girls Nandana. S (VII) Gaurisha Singh (VII)
Jeiya Mounica (VIII)