English Competitions

English Competitions

English competition was held for classes III to XII on 8 May 2019. Students of classes III-V narrated stories like “The Wise Man” and “The Story of Number Zero” with clarity and proper voice modulation. Classes VI-VIII delivered speech on the topics “The World would be a Better Place if………..”, “Importance of Sports in Students’ Life” and “Plastic Bags should be Banned.” Their intonation and delivery skills were appreciated by the judges. Classes IX-XII participated in debate competition. Classes IX and X debated on the topic “Robots reduce Employment Opportunities” and classes XI and XII debated on the topic, “Human Cloning should be allowed.” Judges appreciated the logical relevant competent and well explained stances of the debaters. All the first and second position holders received certificates in special assembly by Principal, Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar


1st Position                            2nd Position


Katkoju Shreyas ( IV)        Gadde Bhavya (V)

 (GROUP B : VI –VIII)          SPEECH

Alwin Liju  ( VII)                Saanvi Udaishanker Misra (VI)

Swanandi R. Kayarkar (VIII)  Nandana. S (VIII)

(GROUP C : IX & X)               DEBATE

Guha Pranav Yelchuru ( X)    Dev Sanjeev Verma (Class X)

(GROUP D : XI & XII)           DEBATE

Shreyanshu Sharma ( XII)  Vanshika Chouhan ( XII)