Annual Sports Day 2019



DPS Indonesia witnessed perfect example of physical strength, stamina, mental alertness and collective efforts of sportsmanship by young and talented students of DPS Indonesia on 27 July 2019 in its Annual Sports Day. Principal, Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar welcomed the guests of honour, Mr. Sathasivam and Mr. Vipin Kumar, Members Management Board, DPS, Indonesia and Mr. Kishore Damodar Patil, Parent Member Management Board, DPS Indonesia and other distinguished gathering. The program got started by comprehensive March Past by the young comrades of Apex body leaders and Bali and Jawa house cadets. The salute from contingents was taken by guest of honour, Mr. Sathasivam and thereafter he sworn in the oath and declared the Sports Meet 2019 open.

In Aerobics whole school from classes III-XII thrilled the audience when students let everyone tap their feet on their rock on performance and at finishing released the helium filled balloons in the sky. In quizzing both ladies and gentlemen unlocked their bottled wisdom and demonstrated their good general knowledge skills. In Human Pyramid and Yoga students from classes III-XII awestruck everyone with their disciplined technique, balancing skills, strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and controlling power. Students of classes VI-VIII showcased their fighting techniques, physical exercise and mental discipline in Taekwondo, which was appreciated by one and all. Girls of classes III-XII presented fitness drill called Lezim, where they with their musical instrument with jingling cymbals and callisthenic moves showcased spectrum of flowing and sequential movements.  In Dumbbell Drill, boys from classes III-XII displayed amazing coordination and had stolen the show. It was followed by Mass Drill of Lezim and Dumbbells from girls and boys respectively from classes III-XII, where their ability to change direction and accelerate motion lead to “Break Sweat” and gathered lot of applaud by the spectators.

Many enthusiastic fathers and mothers unfolded their highest level of sportsmanship in the game of Cricket and Throw ball respectively. Students participated with enthusiasm in  fun Games like “Three Legged Race” for classes III to VI and “Dribble the Ball” for classes VI to IX .

Winners and runners up in various categories of Athletics, Table Tennis and Badminton Tournaments were felicitated with medals, trophies and certificates by the guests of honour Mr. Sathasivam, Mr. Vipin Kumar and Mr. Kishore Damodar Patil. Mr. Sathasivam in his motivational speech said that sports activities are not extra-curricular activities rather it is an integral part of the school.  Games and sports should not be played just to win rather should be played to be healthy and fit. To be successful is nothing but overcoming failures and it is important that we learn from our failures as failure is valuable experience and great teacher. It builds our character. The program got culminated with vote of thanks and declaration of the Annual Sports Meet 2019 close by Ms. Kalpana Tripathi, Headmistress of the school.