Annual Day 16/11/2019

Annual Day “Pal Chin: Live the Moment”

Annual Function “Pal Chin: Live the Moment” 2019-20 was organized on 16 November 2019 with the message that what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow; our life is the creation of our mind at the very present moment. So live this very moment joyously and with the feel that we should know Carpe Diem that is we live only once and that we should seize the moment in present and feel ecstatic.

The function was presided over byMr. Makrand Shukla, Director of Indian Cultural Centre (JNICC) at Embassy of India, Jakarta In Indonesia, Pro-Vice Chairman DPS Indonesia, Mr. Dexter Kennedy and members of management board DPS Indonesia, Mr. Sathashivam and Mr. Vipin Kumar. Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar, the Principal of the school, and all class XII students welcomed the most reverend guests with bouquet.

The Program started with lighting of lamp by the chief guest and other guests of honour along with Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar. It was followed by Welcome Dance in which the girls of classes VIII-X danced to welcome, to communicate and to express what it is too deep to find for words.Audience thoroughly enjoyed Angry Bird Dance presented by the students of classes VI and VII in which students passed the message that anger is also part and parcel of everyday life, students from classes I-V presented their hip hop steps on Indonesian medley of songs.Melodious and angelic voices of Sneha and Shreya from class XI and Rutvik and Tushar from class XII in Medley of Songs had made everyone’s Pal Chin everlasting moment of elation. It was followed by to DPS Orchestra Performance by students of classes VII and VIII which made audience get immersed in the “ Pal Chin that is live the moment “. After Orchestra the boys of classes VII to IX presented their dance performance on Just Dance: I am alive. Their dance heightened everyone’s quintessential essence of amusement and expressed that all that is important is this one moment in movements.In the next performance “Optical Illusion dance, boys of classes IX ,X and XI  created illusion by their dance performance  and passed the message that reality is to dwell in innermost essence of ourselves which is pure consciousness, which is the innermost essence of all that exists which is living in the moment.

Mrs. Anjali Bhatnagar Principal of DPS Indonesia presented thereafter the preamble of school’s achievements during 2018-19 in her Annual School Report. After annual report the moment got lightened by the students of classes X and XI in their humorous English Play “Shut the Door.” The hilarious plot and acting of students proved that humor is the most effective and important ingredient to spice up the dish of life.Audience got immersed in some oomph, some vibes of joy, and everybody’s favourite full get-up-and-go kinda finale “ Punjabi dance medley of ‘bhangra’ and ‘giddha” presented by the host class i.e class 12th. They showed that there is a completion of every celebration, but we rely on the faith that there is never an end but always a beginning because the show must go on. After finale on behalf of class 12 Naman Singh seek blessings of everyone present for their upcoming class 12 board exam 2020.

In the Prize distribution Ceremony students got felicitated for their achievements in outhouse competitions and for their academic excellence by receiving scholar certificates by the Chief Guest MR. Makrand Shukla.Mr. Dexter Kennedy Pro-vice Chairperson in his speech appreciated  hard work of teachers bearing good results now. He added that DPS Karawang is a small school but when it comes to results it’s at the top.

Mr. Makrand Shukla the Chief Guest, in his speech heightened students’ enthusiasm by saying that they should adopt the acronym of DPS as their winning mantra as they are all set to fight the battles ahead. He added that they should “ ‘D’ for Dare” because post march they would be entering into competitive world and daring means face dark side of the world boldly and develop oneself from danger. ‘P’ he says mean persistence and perseverance indicating that to achieve excellence one has to be firm in his or her endeavors. He said that persistence has guarantee of 100 percent success.’ S’ he said that there should be pinch of spirituality with the punch of superiority as we are the most precious species on the planet. Because we can think, because we can develop and because we can change we are the commanders who has the responsibility of saving and protecting the rest of the species and animals across the globe. He further added by quoting American President; John F. Kennedy’s quote “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”The program got concluded with Vote of Thanks Speech, delivered by Headmistress of the school, Mrs. Kalpana Tripathi.